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Premium Domains / Premium Domain Names  

Premium domains offer the website developer the potential for considerable traffic.   PremiumDomains.TV     is your source for premium .TV domains without premium renewals or six-figure prices.  With the explosion of video content, premium .TV domains are a great alternative to impossible-to-find or overpriced .COMs.

What is a  premium domain?   Premium Domains are non-hyphenated domains comprised of highly-searched exact phrases with a commercial application in a major extension .Com, .Net, .Org, .TV, or .Info (most of our premium domains are in the .TV extension but all have regular ~$25-$50/year renewals).   A premium domain is easier to remember than an uncommon term and gives a  website a degree of prestige as a potential client immediately recognizes what the site is promoting.  Recognition is critical to branding success as an internet-based business is known by its customers by its domain name.   


As well, a descriptive domain which matches exactly what a user is searching for is easier to position for  SEO (search engine optimization) as exact match phrases are favored by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Consequently a properly-developed website with a premium domain name is  more likely to obtain targeted traffic than one with an uncommon or less frequently searched phrase in its domain name.   Thus a premium domain can be a valuable promotional tool contributing to your business' success.   



A Premium Domain Name will be a highly searched term but there has to be a business behind the keyword/s.